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Manage Product Dimensions for products and product variants

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Key Features

  1. This application allows users to declare dimensions (i.e. Width, Height, Length) and the Stowage Volume on product form view. In case all those 3 dimensions are input, the value of the volume field will be computed automatically according to the dimensions input.
  2. The dimentions are availble for both Products and Product Variants.
  3. Each product has a switch to allow you to enable "Dimensions in Name" feature for the product

It is built for other applications to extend. For example, the application Fleet Stock Picking (to_fleet_stock_picking) depends on this application to check if the goods loaded on a vehicle (for transportation) does not exceed max. allowed volume / weight.


  • The dimensions and Stowage Volume fields are visibly ONLY when the product type is either Stockable or Consumable

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition