Sales Target Management

This product is no longer available.

Sales targets for individual sales persons and sales teams.

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Manage Sales Targets for your sales persons and sales teams; Ready to get extended in other applications

Key Features

  1. Multiple Sales Groups in well organized manner, thanks to depending on the application Sales Teams Advanced
    • Sales / User: Own Documents Only
    • Sales / Sales Team Leader
    • Sales / Regional Manager
    • Sales / User: All Documents
    • Sales / Manager
  2. Submit and Approval Process
    • Individual Targets
      • Sales persons register their own target.
      • Sales Team Leader can either approve or refuse and request changes
    • Team Targets
      • Team Leader register their team's sales target
      • Regional Sales Manager can either approve or refuse and request changes
  3. Communication on targets to improve productivity thanks to the Odoo's native mail thread
    • Managers leave comments, request changes, etc
    • Submitters explain, ask for recommendation, etc
  4. Ready for extending in sales related application:

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition