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This tutorial will describe how to use discount tags on products.

Barcode Nomenclature

To start using discounts tags, let's first have a look at the barcode nomenclature in order to print our correct discounts tags.

I want to have a discount for the product with the following barcode.


Go to :menuselection:`Point of Sale --> Configuration --> Barcode Nomenclatures`. In the default nomenclature, you can see that to set a discount, you have to start you barcode with 22 and the add the percentage you want to set for the product.


For instance if you want 50% discount on a product you have to start you barcode with 2250 and then add the product barcode. In our example, the barcode will be:


Scanning your products

If you go back to the dashboard and start a new session


You have to scan:

  1. the product
  2. the discount tag

When the product is scanned, it appears on the ticket


Then when you scan the discount tag, 50% discount is applied on the product.


That's it, this how you can use discount tag on products with Odoo.